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Calhoun — "the founders" represented a heroic but anonymous abstraction whose long shadow fell across all followers and whose legendary accomplishments defied comparison. We can win no laurels in a war for independence," Webster acknowledged in Nor are there places for us Our fathers have filled them. But there remains to us a great duty of defence and preservation. Joanne B.

Freeman — Freeman's area of expertise is the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton as well as political culture of the revolutionary and early national eras.

She is noted for changing scholarship on Thomas Jefferson regarding his relationship with Sally Hemings and her children. She has studied the challenges facing the Founding Fathers particularly as it relates to their position and actions on slavery. She points out "the central dilemma at the heart of American democracy: the desire to create a society based on liberty and equality" that yet does not extend those privileges to all.

The Founding Fathers were portrayed in the Tony Award winning musical , a stage production about the debates over, and eventual adoption of, the Declaration of Independence ; the popular performance was later turned into the film. More recently, several of the Founding Fathers — Hamilton, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Laurens and Burr — were reimagined in Hamilton , an acclaimed production about the life of Alexander Hamilton , with music, lyrics and book by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The show was inspired by the biography Alexander Hamilton by historian Ron Chernow.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the founding figures of other nations, see List of national founders. Group of Americans who led the revolution against Great Britain. Main article: Religious views of the American Founding Fathers.

Father of A Nation

See also: George Washington and slavery and Thomas Jefferson and slavery. Livingston , diplomat and jurist [58] William Maclay , Pennsylvania politician and U. United States portal.

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Father of the Nation

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