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Frost says the killer was looking for dark matter and asks Ramsey if he had any. Ramsey admits to getting a small sample and even lies, saying it was from a reputable source.

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Barry suggests Ramsey put a hold on his research until they can catch the killer. Ramsey says his research is too important. Frost says no, but Barry is happy for the help. A pawn shop was robbed and the shop owner is sure it was Debbie. Debbie says she was out gambling. Ralph and Cecile Danielle Nicolet offer to help Debbie find an alibi. They ask a club owner for security footage, proving that Debbie was in the club at the time of the robbery. Ralph comes up with the idea to earn money by playing poker. She ends up losing everything, but Ralph is able to get what they need.

Cecile and Ralph watch the security footage and see Debbie inside the club but she left thirty minutes before the robbery occurred. Ralph seemed to move on from those guys, but he was being strong for her. He gets pretty upset when he finds out she lied about all of them. He asks her to leave his office. Ramsey tries to explain why he purchased dark matter.

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Frost, nor Caitlyn really care. Barry comes in with news about a DNA match on the substance at the crime scene. Mitch Romero, the biggest gun dealer in Central City. They are confused as to why Romero would steal from himself and kill his people in the process. Barry gets an alert of a break in at Mercury Labs. Another prime location for dark matter. Romero is already there, throwing people around. He finds a case of dark matter and inserts it in his injury from Ramsey.

Frost and Flash show up and try to detain him, but Romero is too strong. Frost blasts Romero with cold air and he falls out of a window. Barry gets upset, thinking Frost killed Romero, but Romero is still alive.

He has seven weeks to teach her how to handle these situations so she has to start listening to him. Frost says he has to stop being a crappy teacher then. The shocking part is that Harrison Wells Tom Cavanagh is the culprit. McCulloch security even got a photo of Wells in the building. Iris sees the new Wells and sends Allegra to cover the new mayor instead. Iris goes to Cisco to help find the new Wells, who flies in on a cord. He attacks Cisco because they are following him. It gets louder as he gets closer to Iris. She gives him her name and a tases him, telling him not to forget it.

They take the new Wells to the Citizen office.

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His fanny pack says Dr. When he wakes up, Iris reintroduces herself and Cisco as friends of Council of Wells.

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Wells is looking for a universal element called Eternium. Wells says there is no such thing as gods, but metahumans, aliens and false gods do exist. He dispels the myths of the false gods. Cisco goes over the dance with Wells. A new Wells arrives, things are a bit rocky, especially between the new Wells and Cisco, but they eventually bond.


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Cisco wants to bypass all of that and asks him to show him the warm, smart, compassionate guy that he knows is in every Wells. Cisco takes his gadget belt to make Wells stay. So Wells releases some kind of smoke bomb and disappears. When the time is right, Iris will tell her everything. Allegra says they are journalists. Even if the truth is tough to say and hard to hear.

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Allegra decides to stay. The more dark matter he absorbs, the stronger he gets. He also found out that Romero has been dead for at least 24 hours. He soon finds out that Ramsey is only there to steal dark matter. Ramsey says he truly wants to use the dark matter to cure HLH. Barry understands, he watched his mom die too. He knows how it can make someone angry. Ramsey says this is the pain beneath his anger.

It takes courage to fight death. Barry says it takes more to accept it. Ramsey realizes that Barry is dying too.

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Barry says he is trying to save as many people as he can before he dies. Barry invites Ramsey to stay if he helps them stop Romero. He says Barry marches toward death without fear, like his mother. Where does he get the strength? Barry says from the people they love.

Barry goes for a run, thinking of his friends and reflects on the conversation with Ramsey. Barry pays a visit to Frost.

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He gives her a real target. Barry tells her to hit him. He runs around the room, making it difficult for Frost to hit him. Frost has never even had a birthday party and it sucks. Barry says there will always be danger. Everyone is living on borrowed time. Romero has Ramsey by the throat and Ramsey screams to let him go. Ramsey reaches to touch Romero and Barry walks in.