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Ouspensky at the Little Theatre, London. The Ballet Club was both the name of theatre until and that of the private ballet-producing club founded by Ashley Dukes. Its status as a club allowed it to present ballet performances on Sundays. The Ballet Club had three seasons in During the year, Ballet Club performed regularly on Thursdays evening or matinee and Sundays evening. October: The theatre gained a public performing licence. Licensed by the London County Council for performances of music, dancing and plays, the theatre remained a club in order to present ballet performances on Sunday.

Ballet Club continued to be used for performances at the Mercury Theatre. February: Four-week season at the Duchess Theatre, London. July—August First overseas tour — to France.

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Marie Rambert moved the school to Berkshire. November: One of the first theatres to do so, the Mercury Theatre re-opened with a season of ballet, which transferred to the larger Duchess Theatre later in the month. June-July: Ballet Rambert merged with London Ballet, and the junior members of both companies were let go. March: On weekdays, Rambert-London Ballet give three one-hour performances, with four on weekends.

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September: The dancers brought in Equity to address their low pay. Rubin retained legal right to the sets and costumes, and the court case to regain ownership was not settled until March In the meantime, Ballet Rambert ceased to exist, and London Ballet was officially dissolved. March: Ballet Rambert came under the management of C. See the Ministry of Information film below. Originally planned as a six-month tour, it was such a success that the company stayed for 15 months.

Ballet Rambert was the first British dance company to tour beyond Europe. Nearly half the dancers chose to remain in Australia. May-June: Overseas tour to Paris. It presented new and experimental productions by young dancers, choreographers, composers, and designers. June-July: Regional tour of Scotland focused on small towns. May: Norman Morrice joined Ballet Rambert.

June: Robert Joffrey became the second American choreographer to create a ballet for the company. September: David Ellis appointed Associate Director. Ballet Workshop closed. Month-long tour of Spain. Company performed as the opera-ballet at Glyndebourne Opera. The scenery was painted in China. This was also the first dance work that Ralph Koltai designed for Ballet Rambert.

View Ralph Koltai's oral history interview for the Rambert Archive. August: Performed with Glyndebourne Opera in Paris. May: Ashley Dukes, Marie Rambert's husband, died. July: First tour to the U. The tour covered 10, miles. Christopher Bruce joined the company as a dancer. May: David Ellis resigned as Associate Director. They will need to work together to win. Hey Jack: The toy sale Jack is selling the toys that he doesn't play with anymore. There's some old lego, a scruffy teddy bear and a robot dog that doesn't work.

But, then Jack sees the other kids having fun with his stuff. Hey Jack: The winning goal It's Jack's first day at soccer and he really wants to kick a goal.

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But, the coach has made him goalie and Jack thinks there's no glory in goal keeping. Hey Jack: The worry monsters Jack hates spelling. He has a test coming up but he doesn't want to practice for it. Jack had better be careful, he might leave it too late. Hey Jack: The worst sleepover Jack is having a sleepover at his friend's house.

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He can't wait. It's going to be the best fun ever. Magic mirror, The Jake sometimes gets scared so mum comes up with a play to help him. Mum's suggestion works for Jake and helps someone else with a problem, too.


My best friend is a vampire David is a loner who finally finds a best friend. Despite Vincent being a half-vampire, eating fresh worms, centipede sandwiches and crispy pigs' ears, the two boys form an instant friendship. But, the friendship is not without problems.

https://xaguvogesame.ga She's brave, brilliant and bold and will become your best friend in no time. Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Billie B Brown: Billie's yummy bakery adventure Billie is off on a yummy bakery adventure!

Can she bake the most scrumptious cake in the world? Billie B Brown: night fright Billie loves hanging out with Rebecca's older sisters. They make her feel so grown-up.

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But is Billie grown-up enough to handle the scary movies they like. Big sisters, baby brothers and busy families. Join Billie B Brown in her three favourite sister stories. Backyard camping, baby animals and bad dreams. Join Billie B Brown in her three favourite sneaky stories. Best friends, beach holidays and buddies.

Join Billie B Brown in her three favourite super stories. She wants to be a famous ballerina but, when Billie tries to be a dainty butterfly like the other girls, things end in chaos. She can make her dolls' hair beautiful so there should be no problem making her own hair beautiful, too. Billie B Brown: The best project Billie's little brother is cute, but he can be annoying.

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Billie has to keep everything away from him. Especially the tower she has made for her school project. Billie can be many things. Sometimes she is brave. She can be beautiful, bold and busy. And sometimes she can even be a teensy bit bossy Billie B Brown: The big sister Billie can't wait for the new baby to arrive.

She's even going to give it her favourite teddy! But what will happen when her parents go to hospital without her and Billie's teddy goes missing. Billie B Brown: The birthday mix-up Billie's party is going to be the best ever. She has lots of fun games planned. But what if Billie's friends don't like her party, or what if they don't come. Billie needs to do something. It is so annoying, what can Billie do? Billie B Brown: The cutest pet ever Billie has found the most adorable guinea pig in the pet shop.

She is going to love it forever, if only she can convince her mum and dad. Billie B Brown: The deep end Billie's class used to swim in the little pool. But this year they are moving to the big one. Billie finds that a little scary.